Pure Numerical Formula Describes Wetness and Light
Mark Fell, Jordan Milner, Eileen Quinlan, Anonymous Tantra Paintings
June 25 — July 30, 2016
Reception Friday June 24
Curated by Eli Bornowsky

“If I could convey my research for this exhibition in the most general fashion it would be characterized as an attempt to scrutinize the relationship between sensation and intellect. Sketching this relation as a waveform, a sine wave for example, I would assign intellect to the peaks and sensation to the valleys of the wave, and the oscillation between the two would model the human experience of movement from inner thought to outer impressions and back again. Whether this relation is drawn taut like a hummingbird or sags like a broken guitar string is up for debate. From my experience it is always in flux, from puttering and purring to bending the throttle, and the intonation of mind-body flirtation is what makes it just as exciting to play with others, as it is to play with oneself. Nevertheless, put this way, but only to begin, we would have to admit our collaboration with the Cartesian separation of mind and body. We tend to take for granted the dualistic mind-body invention and its role in divorcing experience and knowledge. For now, let us install a mind-body program precisely to experiment with the code. What, for example, will happen while riding the oscillator if we take a headlong thrust to the left or the right of its axis? Our x, y oscillator will gain a z, a third dimension and once we have taken this liberty to change course, our freedom to play with the diagram is manifold.”

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