Charlotte Dualé, Ian Edmonds, Okka-Esther Hungerbühler, Mary B. Kay
May 31 - July 4, 2015 , 2015
Reception Saturday May 30, 6 - 10 PM
Curated by Ashley Berlin

The Or Gallery is pleased to present Brillantine, a group exhibition featuring artists Charlotte Dualé, Ian Edmonds, Okka-Esther Hungerbühler, and Mary B. Kay, curated by Ashley Berlin as a part of OTHER Projects new curatorial practice in collaboration with Or Gallery Berlin.

- – - – -

A set of instructions:

“Scoop marble­-sized dollop, warm it with your palms. Run fingers through hair, over the waves, the kinks, the frizzies, flyaways, unruliness. It is important to work it in from root to tip, lest the pomade sits on top of the surface. Then go over it with a fine toothed comb.”
[Excerpt from the label of Brillantine Pomade for its 1900 Parisian debut]

Lies overheard from impostors in the room:

“You’re confident and
you’re handsome and funny
Feel better tonight”
[Excerpted from the mouth of Mary B. Kay at an opening]

A beautiful piece of meat on a table, something served:

“Is it good?”
“Who cares, let’s eat!”
[The cracking of a shell]

Chin, chin on the fine china, a confidence trick:

“Truly, this is the Beautiful Era
– La Dolce Vita, it caught us like a flu!
May we sniffle and sneeze forever.”
[Achoo-ed by Mister Modern Man, gesturing the décor]

- – - – -

The spirit of a transitioning age embodies the object to affirm its vision, and the gimmick continues to proliferate under pearly surfaces, building its folklore. As a tool of artistic production, the gimmick evades public scrutiny and gains trust to affirm what needs to be believed. It smooths itself over the pervasive dissonance, discord, and doubt and our own sincerest naiveté towards a most unclear future. The trick self-exposed, Brillantine deals with displays of power and vulnerability, occurring simultaneously in a discomforting scene of failure and grace.

- – - – -

Curated by Ashley Berlin, OTHER Projects is a nomadic exhibition platform for emerging local and international artists in Berlin, Germany. Since 2013, the space has held six exhibitions per year, maintaining a diverse program that features a variety of artistic practices, collaborations, and performances, evading set limitations of discipline, authorship and location

In Kooperation mit der Botschaft von Kanada/In collaboration with the Embassy of Canada.

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