Dog Rose
Francis Alÿs
July 4 — August 1, 1998

Francis Alÿs is one of the most important artists working in Mexico City today. While he is known internationally for his collaborative works with sign-painters orrotulistas and for his performance walking projects, Alÿs has always been interested in the relationship of animals to their environments, and in particular dogs living in urban spaces. As a walker, Alÿs sees cities at a slow pace and observes the animal life in the streets. He photographs dogs in every city he visits and often depicts dogs interacting with humans in his paintings. Several of Alÿs’ walking and installation projects have included small sculptures of dogs; in The Collector the artist built a little toy-like dog on wheels out of magnets. Alÿs then walked the dog through the city and later archived the metal detritus that accumulated all over the animal’s body. In The story of Negrito, the 3-legged dog, Alÿs cast Negrito as the central protagonist who turns bad luck to advantage. Dogs’ life as portrayed by Alÿs is relevant to the human condition, but never of it. The Or Gallery displayed the artist’s videos, photographs, paintings, drawings and sculptures featuring dogs together with material from the artist’s dog archive including figurines, prototypes, clippings and photographs .

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