January 7 — February 4, 1995

Media Release.. December 15, 1994
Donna Brunsdale : Ambivalencia
Opening Saturday January 7, 3pm

‘Ambivalencia’will be the first exhibition of the Or Gallery’s 1995 programming. We are pleased to present to Vancouver audiences the photographic work of Calgary artist Donna Brunsdale.

‘Ambibalencia’ as a body of work focuses on the artist’s surroundings that are generally deemed mundane or inconsequential. Brunsdale is particularly interested in those vestiges of gardens or ‘landscaping’ found in the built environment that make reference to and illuminate a relationship to nature that is, among other traits, romantic and sentimental. Brunsdale uses photography as a direct connection to the visible world and a way of maintaining a certain ambivalence. Within this straightforward ‘mundane’ format are elements of humour and melancholy. The time frame of these investigations are not limited and the artist often returns to the site to re-work the subject. The framing materials and text are incorporated to create a context for the image and act as counterweights of suggested meaning. Brunsdale has stated, “‘Jlm6ivafencia’ reflects my interest in the overlooked aspects of life.”

There will be a publication to accompany the exhibition and the artist will be in attendance at the opening.

Donna Brunsdale has a B.F.A. from the University of Victoria and an M.F.A. from York University, Toronto. She is currently on leave from her Insurance job in Calgary to teach Art Theory in Victoria.


D “Well, I need boots but I’ve decided I just want those standard workkind that are everywhere. I tried some on for – was it $60.00?”
L “Yeah.”
D “So, $60.00 but – were they stitched and glued?”
L “No, just glued.” o
D “So that’s the big thing – they should be glued and stitched. Even better is a layer of cardboard between. But that’s gonna be more. Well, I guess you can pay as much as you want. But I just want something pretty cheap but not falling apart after two months.” o
D “Okay, there, those -”
P “But what about that brown ankle piece?” o
D “Well, I know, yeah – is it really bad?”
P “Yes, it’s not what you want.”
L “It does really stand out.”
D “But they all seem to have that. Why would they just do that?”
L “Well, it would be comfortable. If it was just the leather hitting your ankle it would hurt.”
D “But why brown? Why not just the same colour as the rest of the boot?”
P “Okay, forget those. Keep going.”
D “I like that vest. Oh! She has my boots! Those are just what I want! Where did you get them?”
S “Yes, I really like them and they’re only $60.00 right next door.”
D “Oh, yay. Let’s go.”
D “Aagh, it’s so busy I can’t stand it. Where are they? Are those them? But they have that brown thing! I didn’t even notice if hers did. Did they?”
L “I think her pants covered the top.”
D “Oh great. Should I try them on anyway? Maybe none will not have the brown thing. Maybe I should try them just to see. Aagh, it’s so busy and that music drives me crazy. Do they think it’s good to have that beat? It just incites people into irritation.”
D “Well, they’re pretty good. But there’s some kind of pressure on the top of the foot. Ant that brown thing. And that music – I just want to push someone. Well, I have to think about it.”
D “Aagh, look, there – no brown thing, perfect. Let’s see – aah, $210.00. See, that’s what you have to pay for no brown thing. And I’m not.”
D “There’s some with no brown thing. Let me just check – $70.00! Okay, here we go, glued and stitched. But they’re men’s. Will they have my size? I need these in ladies size 8. Maybe he can phone another store. These are perfect but they won’t have my size, will they? Of course not.”
D “Maybe I should give up and just get the brown thing. It seems impossible. I guess it’s not that important.”
P “Yes, it is important.”
D “But it’s so much pressure and anxiety.”
P “Look, that guy has the boots and his pants cover the top. You can’t even see the brown thing.”
D “Does he have the brown thing?”
P “Yes, but you can’t tell.”
D “I’m just gonna go back and get those at the awful store.”
P “Yes, they’re perfect.”

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