Hadley + Maxwell
Sentences on Conceptual Art 1st Draft (Sol Lewitt)

373/4in. x 233/4in.
Silkscreen, 2007
Numbered edition of 10

includes a custom made portfolio by Rasmussen Bindery, North Vancouver

Launch February 23 2007, 8PM

For their project, the artists started with a passage from Miguel de Cervantes’s literary classic Don Quixote: “The reason of the unreason with which my reason is afflicted so weakens my reason that with reason I murmur at your beauty.” The sentence is described in the novel as a favorite from the many tales of knight errantry read by the protagonist Quixote, and one which he laboured particularly long over attempting to glean some meaning, and finally contributing to the gentleman’s madness.

Envisioning this sentence as part an early draft of Sol LeWitt’s 1969 Sentences on Conceptual Art, Hadley and Maxwell further extrapolate ‘prototypes’ for LeWitt’s sentences and artworks, rendering them as crumpled notes rescued from the dustbin. The artists consider the quixotic in LeWitt’s practice, remarking “LeWitt charges at the flatness of pictorial space. We imagined that in 1969, when he wrote the first of his 35 sentences, he was gazing at the crumpled plane of one of his discarded drawings; the same drawing on a different plane, transposed, transported, yet in exactly the same space. No wonder he used rulers and gallery walls! Perhaps he, too, was reluctant to see windmills instead of monsters.”

Hadley Howes + Maxwell Stephens are an internationally exhibited, collaborative artist team whose work investigates cultural history, design, and memory through media including video, installation, and photography. Their writing and image-based projects have appeared in publications including Cahier D’Activité, the Fillip Review, Public, C Magazine, Prefix Photo, West Coast Line and World’s Best New Art, published by Bétonsalon Verlag für moderne Kunst Nernberg. Hadley and Maxwell are recipients of the 2005 VIVA award, and have exhibited at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery, Western Front, Saidye Bronfman Centre, Cooley Gallery at Reed College (Portland, OR), and Western Bridge (Seattle). The artists have just recently completed a residency and exhibition at Berlin’s Künstlerhaus Bethanien, and were featured in a video program curated by Michael Darling at the recent Art Basel Miami. Hadley + Maxwell are represented by Jessica Bradley Art+Projects, Toronto.

Read Sol Lewitt’s original “Sentences On Conceptual Art” (1968) here
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Read Eric Fredericksen’s accompanying text “Notes on Sentences on Conceptual Art, First Draft (Sol LeWitt)” here

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