One is Never Enough
Instant Coffee
May 12 — June 10, 2006

“With wavering clarity we understand that what we do is confined to the limitations of representation and we’re okay with that. As a product and service Instant Coffee is an effective substitute: it mimics the real thing without the pretense of being better. It isn’t that much easier to make, which is reason enough to justify it. Taste is a factor, taste being an important way to designate quality and define preference. But quality is too particular and preferences change. They are superfluous really, misnomers that distract from the basic reasons for ingesting either the real thing or its substitute. Value is in their effect. In its taste, Instant Coffee barely resembles the real thing, but its effect is the same. Regardless of taste, it still works. Quality is beside the point. In this disregard Instant Coffee becomes a medium to be used. This is Instant Coffee.”*

For “One is Never Enough” Instant Coffee will conduct a series of event-based activities that center on and around a sculptural installation: a sunken living room built inside the Or Gallery. Events (both private and public) will be hosted in the “living room” throughout the duration of the exhibition and will include:

MAY 12: opening party. 8pm- late with dj granny ark & 537 security by jason fitzpatrick
MAY 18: collection night. 8pm- late
MAY 20: reading lounge. 3-8pm
MAY 26: 1st or the worst. 8pm- late
MAY 27: reading lounge. 3-8pm
JUNE 1: video screening. 8pm- late
JUNE 3: reading lounge. 3-8pm
JUNE 8: slide and after party. 3-8pm
++calendar subject to change++

Instant Coffee is an artist collective based in Toronto and Vancouver. They want more than they can give. Instant Coffee’s most consistent members are Jinhan Ko, Jenifer Papararo, Kate Monro, Jon Sasaki, and Cecilia Berkovic with the recent addition of Emily Hogg and Kelly Lycan. Instant Coffee have exhibited widely, most recently at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, San Francisco; SparwasserHQ, Berlin; the San Juan Print Triennial, Puerto Rico with an upcoming exhibition at Lugar a Dudas, Cali, Colombia.

Instant Coffee: Get Social or Get Lost.

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