The Agony And The Ecstasy
Kerri Reid
december 6 — january 24, 2003

Kerri Reid takes monumentalism to task with a site-specific installation. In keeping with her labour intensive projects involving craft and pathos, Reid has been carving a large basket out of marble over the course of the Fall. Beginning in November, Reid will spend a month carving a weave into the gallery walls. Using the title of an Irving Stone novel about Michelangelo, Reid adopts the serious nature of the monumental installation while subverting it through expectations of pathos.

This show is hokey. I am taking references from a variety of artistic traditions – stone carving, weaving, frieze and relief, as well as minimalist, formalist, and post-studio strategies – and using them to explore a combination of slightly pathetic conditions. Overly romantic and heroic notions of art and labour are used to make a work about uncertainty, curiousity, self-doubt, lonely desperation, and baskets. -Kerri Reid

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