Laurel Woodcock
September 7 — September 25, 1993

essay by Kitty Scott

Media Release. August 31, 1993

Laurel Woodcock bleuira – Opening SEPTEMBER 7 until 25, 1993

The Or Gallery begins its fall programming with an installation by artist Laurel Woodcock entitled ‘bleuira ~ The artist has written: ‘As an installation ‘bl.euira’ points away from that will to chart and name an unknown territory, to reduce meaning to points of exclusion. A direct translation of ‘bleuira’from the French would be; to become blue. The title is derived from a compilation of letters exchanged between Violet Trefusis and Vita Sackville-West. “Quand bleuira sur l’horizon la Desirade.” Here, when translated, ‘bleuira’describes that moment when the coastline disappears from the horizon. The exhibition consists of ten, circular steel light boxes illuminating photographic transparencies of the ocean. A compass, embedded in a bin-nacle stands on the gallery floor. An electronic magneueases the compass. It slowly moves in a half circle away from nortl1 and back again. Sliding the balance again and again from “a truth”, from a specific location to one imagined. Fragmenting the universal and oceanic. Navigating in the peripheries.’ “And whatis that terror awaiting themin the shadow? That featureless memory of the terrible fight between slashing breakers and the streaming sails? That peril of water coming from sky and land? And that horror they feel for the might of the sea when she sheds all masks and refuses to be calm, polite, and submississive to the sailors’ direction?” Luce Irigaray, ‘Marine Lover of Friedrich Nietzche’

The exhibition ‘bleuira’will be accompanied by a brochure with a short critical essay by Kitty Scott.

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