Not To Code
Luke Blackstone
March 18 — April 15, 1995

‘Not To Code’
solo exhibition

March 18 to april 15, 1995
Opening: 3pm Saturday March 18
Artist Talk: 3pm Saturday April 1

‘Not to Code’ is an exhibition of kinetic construction by local Vancouver artst Luke Blackstone. We are pleased to provide Blackstone with his first solo show.
“Not To Code’ is fabricated from discarded, mass-produced materials such as typewriters, computers, fuel pumps and cat & cow noise-makers which Blackstone give new life through a subersive approach to technology.
The artist has stated:“I’m concerned with the role that humans play in the ongoing sage in which our environment becomes more hostile to life and more pleasant for technology; a saga too cruel to be a comedy yet too wonderous to be a tragedy. ‘Viral Information Centre’ (an earlier work) is concerned with the sbutle meddling with genetics codes to serve questionable motives/ Recently I dreamt that these entities I had created co-wrote a manifesto and the term ‘human being’ was mentioned only once in a footnote.”

The ‘publication’ for this exhibtion will be issued by one of Blackstone’s constructions. The artist will give a talk on Saturday, April 1st at 3pm.

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