The Money Collector
Maura Doyle
September 7 — October 5, 2002

The OR Gallery is proud to present Maura Doyle’s first exhibition in Canada since her return from Tokyo. The OR Gallery serves as a franchise for The Money Collection. This is the second in a series of Doyle’s annual collections that have made their way into sculptural and installation exhibitions. The 1970s conceptual art movement inspires Doyle’s work, and though those influences can always be found, her unique aesthetic creates an art historical puzzle.

A basketball hoop with a pair of neutral pantyhose for a net plays with Dadaism and the found object. A large square black magnet beside a smattering of smaller round magnets, complete with musical triangle, call to mind Russian Constructivist painting, while the sparseness of the exhibition evokes minimalism. These are not simply sculpture for sculpture’s sake; they serve as interactive depots for money. Visitors are encouraged to throw money into the pantyhose, as well as at the magnets, where various coins are already stuck. The most poignant moment of Maura Doyle 2002 is perhaps a V-formation of brown Canadian Geese installed on the wall, cut from one hundred-dollar bills that have been recirculated, sans geese.

The Money Collection serves as a meta-collection as it supports all other collections and speaks of the difficulties and joys of being a visual artist.

Do you ever throw pennies in the garbage?
Throw them at The Money Collection instead!

The Money Collection is now accepting donations and I am writing this letter to ask for a donation of money. There is no catch. This isn’t a scam. It’s simply a request for money. I can guess that you have a problem with this request. Why should you give me money? I will tell you why.

I am collecting money for two reasons. First of all, I am a collector. Over the years I have been collecting all kinds of things and ideas from around me. For example, I have a collection of rocks, a collection of songs made from a Zoom Rhythm Trak RT-123, a fanny pack collection, a collection of no smoking buttons, a collection of answering machine messages from1999, etc.

Secondly, I need money. I wish that I could spend my time collecting all kinds of things and ideas, but instead I am busy trying to pay for my next bowl of oats or my last month’s rent. Out of necessity,

I’ve turned my interest in collecting into a more practical endeavor.

I’ve already started to look for money on the street. I donate my own loose change to the collection.

I have asked friends and family to help with the collection. I’m looking under the pillows of sofas, in washing machines, in unlabeled donation boxes, in coat pockets, etc. I have even looked under rocks.

I’m looking for a job. I’ve entered contests. I sent a message into outer space to ask the Universe for assistance (www.TeamEncounter.com). I’ve collected a plastic bag full of pennies and nickels. I set up a money depot in my room. I’m offering franchise opportunities. I found two wallets. I take pictures of money. I photocopy money. I tried to eat money. This collection needs your help.

In attempt to extend my search worldwide, I’m now sending out a general call for money. I have nothing to lose. It may be strange for you to give money to someone you don’t know. But, you wouldn’t have to donate a lot of money. Loose change, foreign money, old checks, credit cards, small bills are being accepted. You can donate money that you don’t spend, such as silver dollars, rare coins or coins with sentimental value. Even valuable items are ok. Actually, anything with monetary value will do.

If you have any questions or for more information please contact: themoneycollection@yahoo.com

I look forward to receiving your donation.


Maura Doyle
Money Collector

Send further donations to:
The Money Collection2002
701 #2, Queen St. W.Toronto Ont. M6J 1E6 Canada

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