Travels and Escapes
Andrea Stultiens
October 26 — December 1, 2007
Reception Thursday October 25, 8PM
Curated by Michèle Faguet

Andrea Stultiens is an artist based in the Netherlands, working principally with photography. Her images come from various sources including the archives of colleagues, private photo albums and local archives, in addition to photographs taken by Stultiens herself. Her work makes use of collected photographic images to construct narratives, to look at the construction of identity in relation to natural and created environs, and the use of amateur photography as a means of shaping personal and collective histories.

All the work in the exhibition ‘Travels and Escapes’ shows the use photography to document, and create different environments as an escape from the daily routine. Her 2003 work In almost every picture, produced with Erik Kessels is a large collection of slides made by taxi driver A.J. Paetzhold. Paetzhold documented trips he made with one particular passenger across Europe. What he was documenting exactly (his taxi, the landscape, the passenger’s holiday) is unclear, giving us the opportunity to project our own narratives onto their travels.

Stultiens has exhibited at the Nederlands Fotomuseum (Rotterdam) and the FotoFestival Naarden. Her project Low Land – High Hills was exhibited at Nieuwland Erfgoedcentrum (Lelystad), and will be presented in an upcoming exhibition at the Evergreen Centre (Coquitlam). She has also recently been nominated for the ING Real Photography Award.

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