Regarding Places
Kathryn Walter
July 7 — July 25, 1992

Kathryn Walter is concerned with producing site specific works that continue her exploration of urban development. During the month of May the artist travelled from Montreal to Toronto and then made her way to Vancouver for July. In each of these cities she constructed a work that began upon her arrival and commenced at the time of her departure. These works examine the migratory patterns of early Canadian settlement, the role of the train as both metaphor and means of transport and the movement of capital to and from these centres.

Media Release

The Or Gallery completes its summer programming with a new installation by artist Kathryn Walter entitled Regarding Places. This exhibition combines the use of both the Or Gallery space and an office space in the Dominion Building, across the street. Through the duration of the project the artist will be considering different sites in the city. These places will be “mapped” using different forms, with respect to contexts both inside and outside the gallery.

Kathryn Walter has taken up ideas that were put forward by Jean MacRae whose exhibition “Two Walking Days” has been on display at the OR through June. Dialogues between these two artists function as a point of departure for this exhibition. These and other discussions will be included in tests by Jean MacRae, Lisa Robertson, Susan Schuppli and Kathryn Walter in a publication which will be launched at the closing. This project is a work in progress and both the gallery and the office space will be open to the public throughout its duration.

“World in a City” magazine with texts by Lisa Robertson, Jean Macrae, Susan Schuppli, Kathryn Walter. No longer available.

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