Curatorial Mutiny Part 3
Malin Bogholt, Karin Persson, March 21 (Jeremy Shaw)
January 20 — February 24, 2001

This exhibition is organized in concert with the Stockholm artist-run-centre Konstakuten, and forms part of a cross-continent artist exchange that includes Nylon Gallery in London, England. It is also Part 3 of an ongoing series entitled Curatorial Mutiny, exploring the ways artists have taken on curatorial projects in their own right, and initiated by Konstakuten as a method of inter-gallery curatorial collaboration. At Konstakuten’s invitation the Or sent two artists to produce an exhibition in Stockholm in the spring of 2000, and in this return leg, Konstakuten has sent Persson and Bogholt to Vancouver, where they are each producing a work at the Or Gallery. Bogholt and Persson’s installations will be accompanied by a video work by March 21.

Bogholt’s Projektion (Projection) is a sculpture constructed entirely out of materials collected from the storage area of the Or. A huge midden of gallery paraphernalia: catalogues, tools, crates, chairs, tables and a variety of other miscellany is piled on the gallery floor, through which a single beam of light from a stripped down slide projector casts the ephemeral silhouette of a window on one of the gallery walls. Persson’s Gömma nyckel (Hiding the Key) is based loosely on a childhood game. A key is attached to a lengthy piece of string, and will circumscribe the edges of the Or Gallery interior, slowly traveling the length of the gallery’s walls, along the floor and across the ceiling as the string is pulled through a system of pulleys. March 21 will present a video showing a close up of him under the influence of the drug Dimethyltryptamine. DMT is powerful hallucinogen that lasts about 30 minutes. The video will incorporate subtitles of what the artist remembers experiencing during this time, written down after the fact. Each artist’s work explores the the psychological architecture of our habitats and the sometimes-illusory division between interior and exterior.

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