Selected Projects for the Reconstruction of Vancouver
Philip Dion
February 14 — March 14, 1998

You See Before You A Work Of Monumentality, Marked Not By Years But By Decades.

The Vancouver Academy of Mechanized Warfare and Party Headquarters stands above the current standard of Vancouver architecture, but stands abreast of the spirit and will of the revolutionary people of Vancouver. The City of Vancouver, that which leads the way for the rest of Canada, that which is showing us and the world the future of the Canadian nation, shall finally be bequeathed by the Canadian people an edifice worthy of their great spirit.

The Vancouver Academy of Mechanized Warfare and Party Headquarters stands as a monument to our time, to our newfound faith in the future. Its majestic dignity sets it apart from the constructions of the old order, in bold contrast to the formalist, corrupt architectural experiments of the past. It is an emerging type of architecture, of philosophy, specific to the emerging will of the Canadian people. The greatness of its concept, the harmony of its proportion expresses to all the nobility of purpose of the Canadian nation.

The edifice itself stands in front of Mechanization Square, preceded by a monumental statue of a typical fighting hero of our courageous Canadian armed forces. The powerful architectural form is flanked by old growth Douglas Fir trees, indigenous to the Vancouver area and imported from the surrounds to organically integrate the site with the majestic British Columbia wilderness. The austere form of the structure, the strength of its lines and proportions, is adorned by three monuments; two of them proud figures from our heroic armed forces,making it plain to all the courage and valour which has forced our nation to the forefront of the world stage. At the centre of the building standing on a pedestal between the grand stairs leading to the entrance stands a colussus, a figure of immense stature. This is a representation of the Indian warrior, the proud grandfather of the Canadian warrior tradition. It is the cunning and prowess of the Indian, and the technology of our European ancestors that forged the spirit of our great nation into what it is today. Soaring atop the academy, soaring over all of Vancouver is a great and glorious eagle, at home here in its natural habitatof British Columbia. This statue, like the others, is made of stainless steel,twelve tons of steel, to sreate this truly extraordinary creature, watching over and inspiring not only the entire city of Vancouver, but the whole of our nation.

The Vancouver Academy of Mechanized Warfare and Party Headquarters is to be located on Twelfth Avenue, across from the impressive Vancouver City Hall, built in 1936. The monumentality of the Academy is a stunning compliment to the designs of Townley and Matheson, architects of the Vancouver City Hall. The new addition will be set well back from City Hall, thud creating the expansive Mechanization Square, ideal for mass rallies and military parades. The site of the future Academy of Mechanized Warfare is atop a great hill, making it visible throughout the city, and giving it great presence in the Vancouver skyline.

Truly this majestic creation deserves the attention and admiration of the great people of Vancouver. This noble structure, distinguished in all its simplicity, will serve to guide and inspire all progressive and revolutionary people the world over, creating in Canada a shining example to the whole world, an example of what can be accomplished by a people, a nation, united behind a guiding idea, with purpose, with pride, and the envy of the entire world.

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