Shannon Oksanen
February 16 — March 16, 2002

Oksanen is an emerging artist with a developing exhibition repertoire both locally and internationally. Featured in the Vancouver Art Gallery’s These Days exhibition, she is becoming widely known for her meticulously rendered drawings of such pop cultural icons as Nana Mouskouri. Oksanen’s fascination with icons and imagery that have disappeared from the Media’s attention is a salient comment on the ephemeral nature of public life and the growing culture of nostalgia. For her show at the Or, Oksanen built on another thematic interest of hers, that of figure skating. She projected a 16mm black and white film of a young figure skater, seemingly performing on the edge of the world, with a backdrop of twinkling stars. A lone figure skater enters on the left side of the screen, as if from the wings of the gallery walls, does a series of elegant and seamless spins then exits stage right, only to recommence. In the repetitive motion and elegant, rhythmic movement of the spin, the viewer becomes easily hypnotized.

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