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The Or Gallery accepts exhibition and project proposals from artists and curators on an ongoing basis. Proposals should include a current CV, a statement of the proposed work, a general statement about your art practice, and not more than 20 images or 5 minutes of video. Submissions will be kept on record for a period of up to one year, for consideration by staff and guest curators. The Or Gallery accepts work in all media, with a focus on contemporary and conceptually-based practices.

Due to the volume of submissions we cannot reply or give feedback to your application.

Please note
The Or Gallery no longer accepts submissions by regular mail. Please send submissions by e-mail only to

You may send us images in .jpeg (.jpg), .gif, .pdf, or tiff format. Written text may be sent in .rtf format, as a .pdf document or in the body text of your e-mail.

We ask that you do not send us material in MS Word format. Generally, PDF documents or links to your portfolio website are preferred. If you would like to submit video samples, you may either attach them as small .mov or .avi files or send us a private link on a site such as Vimeo, YouTube, or flickr

Please do not compress your files into a .zip archive or similar format. This makes it harder for us to refer to your work on an ongoing basis. Image formats such as jpeg are already compressed and don’t shrink much anyway.

Similarly, please don’t send Yousendit, Dropbox, Google Drive/Docs, or other links to ‘cloud’ sharing services that require files to be downloaded or linked to one of our own accounts. These tend to get lost and are not easy for us to access repeatedly.

Please keep the total size of your e-mail, including all files, under 15MB in size. We feel you can convey a lot within that limit and it really helps us keep our files easy for us to access and under control.

Please clearly label all submission materials with your name and date, and include a contents page that clearly indicates all material included in the submission. Please note that submission selection is extremely competitive and that only a portion of our exhibition programming is comprised of proposals selected from submissions.

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