4 and a half feet to the left, behind me
Una Knox
April 14 — May 19, 2012
Reception Friday, April 13, 8PM

The Or Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new solo exhibition by Vancouver and London (UK) based artist Una Knox.

The title video of the exhibition, 4 and a half feet to the left, behind me, follows Steve Woodhouse, a museum image archive manager, as he winds his way through the back passages and storage rooms of a London museum storage facility.

In an overdubbed narration, Woodhouse describes his work managing the images of the museum collection, as well as his own temporal lobe epilepsy, a rare medical condition that causes a profound feeling of déjà vu prior to the onset of an epileptic seizure. Overtime, these two elements seem increasingly linked, and the hallways and rooms of the museum storage building take on a metaphoric importance, as though Woodhouse is meandering through the recesses of his own mind, as much as the physical halls and rooms of the institution. Adding to a sense of doubling is the fact that Woodhouse also works as a professional actor, and is in effect ‘playing’ himself in Knox’s video, while also seeming to ruminate on this duality of actor vs acted persona.

Other works in the exhibition carry a similar layering or doubling. A series of prints of a museum interior produced using the trichrome photographic process, in which each colour of light is captured on a separate black and white negative and then combined to produce a single chromatic print, renders visitors to the gallery as brightly coloured shadows. As each visitor remained stationary for only one of the three photographs required to produce the colour image, their presence is rendered as a passing glitch in the picture.

Video still from '4 and a half feet to the left, behind me' by Una Knox

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