‘There's a New Beard in Town' is an on-line collection of mobile galleries. The title cites my recent appreciation for beards, including early inspiration for this web-project that came from the ‘Alopecia Gallery', an exhibition space hosted on artist, Gordon B. Isnor's beard. This was one of the first mobile/alternative/DIY-style galleries I was aware of and have had it stored in my head-archive for years.

The mobile galleries profiled within this site offer varied reactions to ‘established' exhibition arenas by ripping-off, resuscitating and/or reinventing the function and location of a ‘gallery.' Collecting information about these projects, old and new, preserves the ideas surrounding them and places them within the context of a larger community.

If all goes according to plan, this site will work as an archive, resource, network and starting point for real-life connections and collaborations. It's important that stories, strategies and inspiring moments are shared and passed-on… (check out the message board before you leave). The New Beard will grow bigger, better and bushier with your participation.

If you've Got a Gallery, let me know.

-Hannah, May 2005


Thanks for the grunt-work, support and advice: Rob Keogh (web construction!), Spencer Ramsay, Sydney Hermant, Dan Bejar, Maura Doyle, Paige Gratland, Day Milman, Cecilia Berkovic and Andréa Lalonde.

‘There's a New Beard in Town' was initiated through the support of ‘Out of Office Reply' a series of off-site artist residencies hosted by the Or Gallery in Vancouver , Canada