(Note: Still waiting on information/formating for some galleries. Any non-working links will be up in a few days.)

Profiles for each gallery/project have been created based on a sort-of loose ‘interview' through e-mail. It was up to each individual to provide extra details to further represent their project. The information collected for each has received little editing and formatting and is presented here as is.

50 Gold Sovereigns

The Alopecia Gallery

Art For Office Dwellers

Artist Run Limousine Collective

Audio Relay

The Bag Gallery

Binder Archives

Black Market Exhibitions

The Bookmobile

The Cabin Exchange

Cart Blanche


The Coat of Charms


Free For All Exhibition

Galerie J

Galerie Largeness World of Art

The Golden Limo Art Tour

The Hagop Sandaljian Memorial Micro-Miniature Museum

The Hood Gallery

The Kingston Public

The Little Blue Gallery

The McCleave Gallery of Fine Art

The Ministry of Watching TV

Mobile Structures Resources

Moving Art Space

The Moving Collection


The Other Left Hand Gallery

The Other/Or Gallery

The Pocket Gallery

Portable Exhibition Venues

The Raise Hands All Those Mobile Mail Art Gallery

The Rider Project

The Rolodex Gallery

The Satchel Gallery

Solo Polo Tour

The Sweatband Gallery

The Szikora Gallery

Tag Gallery

The Taxi Gallery

The Te Amo Gallery




The Space Hijackers Toilet Gallery

United Networks

The Urban Disco Trailer


The World's Smallest Art Gallery

The Wallet Gallery (536 Collective)

The Wallet Gallery